Monday, 20 January 2014

Janet Browne. Textile Artist

Janet Browne.
Tiny Allotments

       Long Allotment.  
Janet's work is developed from a visual diary of observations she makes whilst travelling. Janet works on calico that she has dyed initially and then embellishes and applique's over the top by hand and on the machine to create interesting surface textures.
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Galia Gluckman Paper Mosiacs

Galia Gluckman.
Red Landscape.
Galia Gluckman is an artist who makes large-scale collages out of tiny bits of coloured paper.
Drawn to intense hues, she trawls through old magazines and scraps of wrapping paper in search of 'families' of colour to use in her pieces.
Her work is vibrant and beautifully ordered.
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Jane Lafazio. Textile Artist.

Jane LaFazio.
 Everyday Objects Tell My Story Quilt.

Jane LaFazio is a textile artist who works in mixed materials.
Her sketch books are as exciting as her textiles work and above is a very small example.
The top picture shows how Jane has devised an interesting way to divide up a sketchbook page and then using the squares she has drawn in parts of objects she uses in her studio.
This arrangement of drawings/textiles creates an orderly composition.  
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Monday, 13 January 2014

Mandy Pattullo.Textile Artist.

Mandy Pattullo.


Mandy Pattullo is a textiles artist.
These pictures show part of a collection of garments she has made by recycling and manipulating fragments of old textiles and quilts, making old garments more precious.
She uses lots of hand embellishment, appliqué and patchwork
 as well as paper ephemera and layering of techniques including printmaking.
 Mandy tries to source vintage fabrics and quilts in her work, preferring to use old fabrics that have a history.
The results are beautiful and detailed pieces with a rich history and slightly disorderly and unconventional look.
 To see much more of her inspiring work visit

Lisa Milroy. Painter.

Lisa Milroy
Some of her most well known paintings are those where she has organized everyday objects into orderly compositions and then painted them using oil on canvas.
This painting by Lisa Milroy is entitled Food and Veg.
 Here she has arranged the objects in an orderly fashion
 to create pattern.


This is one in a series of paintings she did looking at shoes.
 It is Shoes painted in 1987.
 She has arranged a wide variety of shoes into neat rows to paint them....if only my shoe collection looked as orderly.
 And finally Stamps painted in 1987.
Though the stamps are different sizes she has once again arranged them into lines.
As a contrast this painting is called Garbage and shows the opposite order and pattern from the ones above...
is it therefore more Disorder?
For more of her paintings and inspiration visit

Alice Pattullo. Printmaker

Alice Pattullo

Alice is an illustrator and printmaker based in East London.
 She graduated in 2010 with a First Class Honours in Illustration from Brighton University.
 Her work is predominantly in screen print.
 I really like the way she has ordered the objects in each of the compositions creating a pattern.
The objects themselves are really quite ordinary but the rhythm of each print is created by the way she has organized and in some case repeated the shapes. 
Therefore fitting into Order and/or Disorder.
To see more of her prints look at

Saturday, 4 January 2014

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Holly Levell
Textile Artist specializing in the everydayness through her soft sculptures.
Look at more of her work...
The Set of 5 together :]
I’m going to attempt a scene next week with street lamps, trees and other things!
I also have plans to get all christmasy with making things.
I still think it’s way to early to be getting festive but I was in Tesco yesterday and a man had bought 6 boxes of mince pies like they were going out of season or something are any of you in the Christmas spirit, or are you feeling all bah humbug until December?

Friday, 3 January 2014

Harriet  Riddell.
 Textile artist who works predominately using free machine embroidery  completed this work called London Living in November 2012 using embroidery over the top of newspaper collage.

Harriet works from observation onto cloth and takes her sewing machine anywhere!
This was completed at the New Designers One Year on in Islington in July 2013.
Harriet says..."Here is the stitches I created narrating:  Day one  everyone getting their space together, painting, sticking, screwing and hammering…"

This is Harriet in May 2013...  
She says..."Because my birthday is in May and I love the bluebells, what better to do the portrait in the bluebell woods. I went to the woods anyway and stitched a few fantasy-bells in my portrait.
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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year.....Lets get creative!

Happy New Year to every one!
So to get this year off to a creative start here is some lovely inspiration.......

Textiles using a range of materials...not just Pricilla Jones. Her quirky drawing with the sewing machine over the top of the collaged backgrounds make each piece individual. Precilla also works in 3D overdelicate wire armatures....
Look at more of her work