Sunday, 1 February 2015

Placed together everday objects create great patterns

       Collections of stones printed create excellent pattern.  
Printed by Tessa Horrocks.

  Simply coloured and observed pairs of scissors printed repeatedly  create a slightly abstract print.
  Print by Luli Sanchez.
She uses lots of everyday objects as inspiration usually painted in inks and watercolour.
Look at the repeated patterns you have around you.
Above are  blue Moroccan tiles.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Apart and /or Together. Look at how to create fabric by weave, knit,crochet,plait,knot and twist. Experiment with a range of unusual materials. Draw and photograph detailed sections of your own work.

Huge woven installation/blanket made out of aluminum and copper wire by El Anatsui.
 Very beautiful use of reclaimed materials.

interlocking circles make up this textile sculpture by Karen Margolis.
They appear to grow!

Beautiful weaving left incorporating pieces of drift wood.
Marianne Werkmeister

Crochet sculpture by Ruth Asawa

Examine garments and the fastenings that join the sections together.

Look closely at fastenings on your clothes such as bottons/zips/laces....
draw them large scale and focus on the detail.

Danielle Kroll's graphic drawings of zippers.
Focus on the teeth interlocking.

Marga Dirube.
Interlocking shapes that resemble the teeth of the zippers.

A quilt made of lots of zippers.

Together and/or Apart. Examining layers torn,ripped,cut,peeling apart to reveal what lies beneath.

Thinking of layers of wallpaper peeling apart to reveal colour and pattern beneath.

Jean Littlejon and Jan Beaney's  layered textiles inspired by reclaimed Victoriana textiles
 as part of the works entitiled "the more you look".